Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekday Evening Fun

I didn't sleep well Sunday night, so was tired kinda all day yesterday. But then I had THE BEST evening w/the kids, and slept like a log last night! So after discovering Christopher's bedroom wall "mural" :), he asked me to go outside and play tennis with him, Phoebe and some neighborhood friends were already outside playing. Some of Phoebe's friends just adore Christopher, and are good at including him in their play (which warms my heart). We all ran around outside for over two hours, playing tag, racing, playing limbo, sword fighting (foam sword versus swim noodle), making human pyramid configurations, riding bikes and scooters, playing with the tennis rackets and ball, and throwing those leaf/seed helicopter things... all with no electronic devices, no whining, no bickering, and no injury. We didn't go inside until it was almost pitch dark, we were dirty, hungry, and exhausted. It was awesome. :)

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