Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Little Inspiration... {Mod 02}

{Original Post Tue 2/02} Ok the post title is a nod to my blog title. And this post is going to be about those things in my blog header, and how each of them made the list. I am going to edit and update this post occasionally, rather than try to get it all out at once. So here's a cut 'n paste of the header which I will revise to keep current, and make bold the individual items as I do the elaborationas it stands today, stay tuned for some elaboration... {Mod 02 Thu 6/13}

"Inspired Mostly by My Children ♥ and by ^Acceptance Accountability Adventure Awareness Balance Challenge Charity Childhood Commitment Community Compassion Courage Devotion Dreams Empathy Equity ^Exploration Faith Family Generosity Grace Honor Hope Humility Humor Improvement Innocence Intactivism Intelligence Integrity Joy Justice Kindness Laughter ^Liberty Life Love Loyalty Motherhood Nature Opportunity Optimism Possibility Purpose Reality Spirituality Sportsmanship Strength Transparency Truth Whimsy "Um... Oh! and World Peace."

{Mod 01 Fri 2/08} First and foremost, obviously, are My Children ♥. Being a Mom has given me unimaginable joy, a strong sense of purpose, and the most amazing sense of perspective. Having them has brought me growth, strength, and passion on one hand, and heartache and fear on the other hand. I feel so blessed and proud and pleased with what I am able to do with and for my children, and my heart aches so for the children who aren't as loved and doted upon as they all deserve to be, for the children who suffer instead of thrive, and my heart aches most for the beloved children who were torn from the love of their families and thrust into the evil that pervades us.

{Mod 02} Next up, because it's at the forefront of my awareness lately, is one of my newest additions to the header, Liberty. I'm no constitutional scholar, but darned if our rights aren't being whittled away in the name of security. Where's the personal responsibility? We don't need to government to 'protect' us if it requires they invade our privacy! I'm totally disgusted and discouraged that they have done so, so sweepingly, and so secretly, despite the very explicit 4th Amendment constitutional protections against it! More to come on this one...

{Mod 02} This one's easy, "Um... Oh! and World Peace" is a quote from Sandra Bullock's character in the cute little movie Miss Congeniality. In response to the beauty pageant question 'what's your wish for the future' she was adamant about giving a meaningful answer, rather than the standard 'world peace' answer. But when her thoughtful answer (about I-can't-even-remember-what) resulted in a stunned, silent audience, she looked around in disbelief trying to figure out what to say ("Um..."), then realized ("Oh!"), and begrugingly added "and world peace" to earn the audience's approval and applause. I just love the way she delivered that line.

{Mod 02} I crack myself up. This strikethrough/underline markup thing is carried over from my work. Why do I feel compelled to disclose my own blog edits?! My submarine specification work's got me well-indoctrinated. :)

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