Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break 2012 Day 1 Saturday

Grandma & Grandpa arrived Friday, so we met after work at NB's for a spaghetti dinner and a brief chit-chat/catch-up, then disbursed so our out-of-state travelers could rest. Phoebe & Christopher both fell asleep in the car (standard), and both managed to stay mostly asleep through the transition from car to bed (a first!).

By early Saturday Phoebe was ready to head STRAIGHT to Grandma & Grandpa's hotel for some pool time! I let her pack her swim stuff, but insisted we go to NB's so the plan of the day could come together with the inputs of all involved. :) AJ had a rough day and wasn't up to pool play, so we chatted the day away, enjoyed a Pizza Hut dinner, and then snuck off to the pool without AJ. When I asked Christopher if he wanted to swim he said no, so I stayed dressed, but took him and his swim trunks with us to the pool to watch Phoebe & Grandma play. I think I heard Phoebe say "Grandma, watch me!" about a million times. :) Then Christopher got interested, so I got him changed and deposited him into the water with Grandma. I'm glad I didn't get in too, because Christopher clung to his Grandma with hugs and smiles and play like never before. They both seemed to really enjoy it.

Then as the pool closed and I attempted to wrangle up the wet munchkins, Phoebe banged her chin on the edge of the pool. :( It didn't bleed much, and she didn't cry at all, but I know chin injuries hurt. Grandpa put a band-aid on it and we headed home. Christopher again stayed asleep through the transition, but Phoebe got her chin re-bandaged by Daddy and stayed up to watch the Kid's Choice Awards (KCAs). She has already suggested that we might have to move to California when the time comes so she can attend "Hollywood Arts" (the high school where fictitious Victoria Justice and her friends to go school).

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