Monday, December 5, 2011

School Fall Portraits

The "packages" they offer for school portraits are absurdly expensive, and they want us to order them in advance, which we are reluctant to do - what if the kids don't cooperate and the photos come out hinky? So we sent them both to school on picture day with no pre-paid package order, knowing we'd be able to buy them online after-the-fact.

Christopher's photo came out adorable!

And Phoebe's photo is the absolute epitome of Phoebe! Phoebe and I have a deal - she pics out her Fall outfit, but I get to pick her Spring portraits outfit. So she chose her clothes and accessories, and I didn't even require she brush her hair if she didn't want to (which she usually doesn't). I love it! And look at that skin - she's so beautiful!

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