Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Family, Our 2012 Post-Holiday New Year Letter :)

Dear Family, Mostly Aunt Banana & Grandma & Grandpa! :)

Your thoughtfulness and generosity know no limits. I regret that in our holiday haste, we have lost track mostly of who gave what, but I do know a certain favorite few. Ok, so Daddy scored each of their favorites - Phoebe's DSIXL, and Christopher's Angry Birds board game and t-shirts, those are far and away their favorites. They both love Christopher's Bilibo chair. Phoebe absolutely adores her Spectra doll from NB, as well as the Liv Doll hairstyle head thing from Janet & Brooke. Christopher's second favorite is the train table - thank you NB! He enjoyed it as a table for a simple oval track for a few days, but I did get the city center installed by Thursday, and he does love it.

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