Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Neurological? Symptom

I noticed Saturday that Christopher's hand was flinching. His right hand was open, but fingers curled, it was kind of an open-fisted spasm. I noticed it several times Saturday and Sunday. When I mentioned it to JR Sunday he said that he had seen it, but thought it was a sign of frustration, we didn't speak specifically about when we had each first observed it. I did email his Pediatric Developmental Specialist, Dr. Pratt, to report the onset of a new symptom and to request a neurological evaluation. When I got home yesterday I observed that it was already obviously more often and more intense - a triple-flinch vice a single-flinch - and I saw it in both hands. I spoke with JR to get clarification on how long ago he had noticed it, and he too had only seen it this past weekend, and we are both alarmed with its apparent quick onset. I emailed Dr. Pratt again this morning to relay my sense of urgency, and she said to tell the neurology department that she said it was an urgent matter so that we could be seen sooner than later. Well the neurology department said their first availability wasn't until Dec 21st! So I am waiting now to hear back from Dr. Pratt to see if she can't get us in sooner than that - more like immediately. If she can't, we will seek a neuro consult elsewhere.

I often speak to Christopher as if he perfectly well understands me. He might. Probably not, but maybe. I told him yesterday that we can deal with whatever he decides to throw our way, but he's not allowed to get worse -  only better. Hopefully he's onboard with that plan.

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