Friday, September 16, 2011

Neurological Evaluation

We also had a neurological evaluation this morning at CNMC. Their assessment, basically, is that his hand thing is most likely not neurological, but more likely typical autistic self-stimulation. If he were entering some altered state of consciousness during the tremor, or if it was exclusively one side, or if it was whole-body, then perhaps they would be more inclined to suspect seizure activity. But because it's so focused, and because his schedule has changed a lot lately with the new school year, they are inclined to think it is just self-soothing. The tremors also seem to be subsiding as suddenly as they onset, which also contributes to the theory that it's not neurological. They started Saturday, maxed Wednesday, and we haven't seen any yet today. We will continue to watch him closely ourselves, and are scheduled for a two-month neuro follow-up, at which time we might schedule an EEG if he continues to have any worrisome symptoms. Phew.

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