Sunday, September 4, 2011

Counting by Two & a Lips Kiss!

I napped with Christopher both Friday and Saturday - a rare and delightful luxury. When we woke up Friday afternoon, he said "two" which I figured meant we were going to count to ten for the forty-millionth time. With Christopher, in order to proceed from one letter to the next, or from one number to the next, it requires we repeat everything he says. So I said my "two" and was expecting three, but to my utter delight and astonishment, he instead counted by two's all the way to 26! without hesitation! He rattled it off as if he'd been doing it for weeks. I wonder how much else is in there, all ready, just waiting to come out.

And then, even better, in my excitement about that, I asked for a kiss, which has previously always meant he presents his little cheek for ME to kiss, and instead he gave me an actual kiss on the lips! I was so delighted! ♥

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