Monday, July 18, 2011

Set Black Flag Conditions

As of 1415 on 18 July 11 set Black Flag conditions and take necessary precautions as stated below when performing physical activity. Black Flag (WBGTI of 90 and above degrees F): All nonessential physical activity will be halted.

Ok, it's been 90+ and 95+ and even 100+ already this summer, with no Blag Flag. Why today? Hm.


  1. Today we got a Yellow Flag at 75+ and then later a Black Flag at 90.

  2. Again today with the Yellow Flag. Oh, and my office A/C is *still* not working. I spend my days at 80+ and it's killin' me!

    These Black & Yellow Flags come via email from the NAVSEA Commanding Officer, you know, the four-star. Well today one of the guys in our office replied to the Yellow Flag and asked him what were the instructions for an 86 degree office! The CO went straight to the person who is supposedly taking care of it, who promptly came and admonished the dude for sending the email. That's what I hate about bureaucracy. It's BS. We just want to be comfortable!