Thursday, June 16, 2011

Phoebe on Two Wheels!! :)

She did it! I arrived home yesterday to find Phoebe's friend Samara graciously pushing Phoebe all around on her two-wheel bike - doing all the balancing and propulsion - poor Samara looked exhausted! So I (despite no food and no energy) relieved Samara of her duties and took Phoebe to a small grassy hill in our courtyard. She whined and pleaded and wanted to chicken out, but I told her it was either ride it or put it away. She reluctantly got on. She begged me to not let go. I assured her I wouldn't (I was lying). I ran along with her holding the seat for a split second, and when I saw that she was in fact balancing herself, I gave a little shove for momentum and off she went! She was so excited and proud of herself! The first words out of her mouth were "That was fun!" and her little gaggle of neighborhood friends confirmed for her that it gets even more and more fun with practice. We spent another hour walking up and fearlessly riding down the little hill. She's still working on steering, and stopping, and momentum (hard to do in grass), but with the balance part down, she'll be zipping and zooming around in no time.

I continue to be amazed at how very very much I enjoy such moments with my children. I was all sweaty, still in my work clothes, exhausted and weak, and delighted to my core. :)

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