Saturday, April 23, 2011


Our two children have been raised primarily by their stay-at-home-Dad because we are ADAMANT about their security, safety, and general wellbeing. But now after 7+yrs, Dad is ready to rejoin the workforce, and so we're looking for the perfect person to watch our children. Must have experience and references, and an obvious love of children. Any successful candidate will, as a minimum, be able to support our remaining school schedule through mid-June plus a full-time summer schedule through the end of August.

Initial childcare schedule will be 8am to 4:30pm on Mondays, and Noon to 4:30pm Tuesdays through Fridays, with additional hours required to support the Fairfax County Public Schools published calendar. Summer childcare schedule will be 8am to 4:30pm Mon-Fri.

Preferred candidates will earn more to stay and do dinner preparation and/or housekeeping. I will consider any combination of regular or occassional housekeeping, and will give high preference to the provider who could also take over the household grocery shopping, plan our meals, and prepare family dinners Monday through Friday.

English fluency/proficiency is a must, as our preschool son is experiencing slight language and developmental delay - we need someone who can work with him constantly on his communications and basic life skills (speaking, listening, self-feeding, self-dressing, potty training, etc).

My ideal candidate might be a Mom, who may either bring her one young child with her, or whose children are older and already independent. Or my ideal candidate might be a teacher whose schedule is a perfect fit and has lots of experience managing varying degrees of childhood chaos. Or my ideal candidate might a spunky Grandma who can keep up with the high-energy and high-spirits of young children. Or my ideal candidate might be a college student who may be specializing in early childhood development or special education who works with kids every summer. Or my ideal candidate might be . . . you.

Oh, we have two cats and a huge drooly dog. You absolutely must be totally okay with that. And by huge I mean a 100+lb Rotty.

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