Saturday, April 23, 2011

Don't Get Your Hopes Up. Yeah, Right!

JR is interviewing for a more-than-fulltime job at 11:30am Monday. He has many reservations, but I've managed to encourage him past them to at least go through the interview process and see if he gets an offer. He worries about many 'what if' scenarios, like what if he is expected to start immediately, what if we can't find daycare, what if he hates it, what if he doesn't make any money, what if he doesn't even get the job, what if the kids don't adjust well, or what if something happens w/Christopher and he can't tell us about it. My attitude, towards all of that, is that we'll cross those bridges if/when we get to them. If he does get the job and is expected to start immediately, I'll take some unscheduled leave and put a daycare plan togehter. I expect it's more likely that if he gets the job he'll have a week or two before his start date, during which we'll put the daycare plan together.

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