Saturday, February 5, 2011

OMG Information Overload!

 That's me, trying to learn about autism. One in 150 kids!? One in 70 boys!? I didn't know all that stacking and lining up he did were early indicators. I though he was shy, and home too much. I didn't really know how much harder it's been for JR. I can't imagine how hard it must be for Christopher. I hope Phoebe can handle having a special needs brother. I hope my marriage can handle having a special needs child. We have to act NOW. Whatever it is, however mild, moderate, severe, functional, non-functional, no matter off or where on the spectrum, and no matter the cause - the one thing that's clear is that early and intense treatment can - not cure - but help, maybe a lot, recovery. The educational part is already underway, but JR & I are both now interested in having a clinical diagnosis, so that we can be doing anything and everything possible to make sure he has whatever we can give him to make sure he has a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. Which is also exactly what we want for Phoebe, and for each other and ourselves as well.

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