Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Questions Than Answers

Last weeks' elegibility committee meeting was postponed due to the snow, we're re-scheduled for this Thursday at 10:20am. JR has been pouring over the screening report and the internet, and is convinced Christopher has autism. I will wait for an actual diagnosis, so will find and schedule a developmental pediatrician, but can easily see how/why JR thinks autism. Christopher exhibits some degree of many autism indicators. But he doesn't exhibit them all, and the ones he does exhibit - he doesn't seem to exhibit very strongly, so if he does wind up being diagnosed on the autism spectrum, we're hopeful it would be on the higher functioning end. Meanwhile, as we continue to educate ourselves, and grapple with the possibilities, we keep coming up with more and more questions, and we're just not far enough into the process to have answers.

Could My Baby Boy Have Autism?

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