Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Report on Christopher

I met with FCPS/ChildFind yesterday to learn the results of his interdisciplinary team evaluation. It was, for the most part, an assignment of numerical value to the developmental delays we were aware of and have observed. I was somewhat surprised at the extent to which his language delay is already impacting his development in other areas. I am posting photos of the summary and recommendations from the report, you will see that his cognitive potential, fine and gross motor skills, and social-emotional development are all below normal. The only mitigating factor is that he was extremely uncooperative on test day, which surely impacted their ability to make more accurate assessments.

There is an elegibility determination committee meeting on Thursday to determine whether or not Christopher qualifies as a disabled child for county services. Without making any pre-determination specifically regarding Christopher, the school psychologist we're working with did say that she's never seen a child with scores as low as Christopher's who didn't qualify, so we are expecting Thursday to be a formality, and that he will indeed qualify for county serves. Following his elegibility hearing, they have 30 days to put together an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to address his deficiencies. Not sure what the possible broad scope of those recommended services might be, but we expect at least that he will be referred into the special needs preschool program.

Ok, here are the summary and recommendations, I will update this post with other detials as I am able, and of course will continue to post about my boy's progress through the process. Thanks for your love and support. ♥

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Congratulations Aunt Banana!!

I'm so excited! My little sister is finally on her way to home ownership! :) I can't wait to see 2886 Seminole Rd for myself!

Goose Cove B&B

Someday maybe... I like to imagine that on a little quiet plot of land I hope to inherit interest in someday, we will build a lovely log home bed and breakfast. It will have triple co-owner/manager master suites, and then maybe three or four or five other bedroom/bathroom suites, a huge cozy great room, and best of all: crazy fun kids' areas! Secret passages, fun theme bunk beds, maybe some hammocks. And not just enough kid bunks for the families of the bed/bath suites, but maybe enough for a whole scout troop, or the best birthday sleepovers ever, hm... Solar? Off the grid? Hm...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The only way I manage to keep my sanity at all, is by getting enough sleep. My day is hard enough that I fall asleep easily at 10pm. I'm so glad Phoebe & I are on somewhat of a routine. I look forward to when JR & Christopher get into one too, I'm thinking preschool will go a long ways towards making that happen. :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christopher's Assessment

Little Mister Christopher had a full audiological evaluation Friday, his ears appear fine upon examination and he tested normally in the sound booth and all other testing. Then two nice ladies tag-teamed him for a play-based full developmental assessment, for about two hours. JR & I were both there. Chris behaved just as I expected, participating willingly and cooperatively in what he thought was going to be fun, protesting the less fun, and no talking. He does make most vowel sounds, and a handful of the consonants, and he pairs them, but still no real words. Friday was strictly assessment, we got no feedback. Our next meetings are a parent conference on the 24th where we will receive their combined report(s), and then an eligibility determination hearing on the 27th where it will be determined whether he is eligible for county services. Then, if he is (and I assume he will be), they have 30 days to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP), which I think goes into effect immediately upon its development. Several people within my network have already reached out to share their experiences with developmental delay, some parents, and other professionals who have offered advocacy. I will of course keep you posted.

These are Positive Vibes Streaming from Trenton, Maine! :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Future State Brainstorming

Wonder if my blog might be a good place to project plan... I really prefer digital composition, but there's been holes in my planning processes since I abandoned my Franklin Planner for a PDA. Perhaps I will gather all the little notes I've started at various times in various places, and put them here, where I can 'manage' them. Projects ought to be managed. I'm a process improvement professional. I often wonder why I haven't applied my profesional skills to my personal life.

1/1/11 Happy New Year!

2010 is gone. Wow. Ten years w/JR. Phoebe's seven. Chris is practically three. AJ is three. and I'm forty! Good Lordy I'm forty! I'm not big on new years' resolutions, I think any time is a good time for change, and I just don't see any value added by attaching it to a holiday. But. There sure are some changes I'd love to see come to fruition in 2011. Gotta help JR get out of his rut and into the workforce. Gotta budget smarter, spend less, and save more. Gotta get healthier. Gotta get a grip on my personal productivity.

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