Monday, November 8, 2010

Stability < _____ < Lottery

Dear Dianne, I know that stability is at the very tip top of your list when it comes to employment criteria. And I know that Plan B is all set for if/when you when the lottery. I'm asking you to think somewhere in between those parameters. Let's say, hypothetically, you won, not the lottery, but an annuity equivalent to your current income and benefits, so the "stability" part of the equation is solved, then what would you do with your days? What would be more satisfying that just stability, but not as fabulous as winning the lottery?

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  1. I'll be watching for Dianne to comment on this post.
    I worked, a long ago, for OHenry's restaurant. I hired on as a prep cook and after a year or two became head chef.
    I would have done that job for no pay-an unpaid internship!
    Everyone should love their job that much.