Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've been tinkering w/my blog (obviously) and set it to show only the last two posts. Every time the page has loaded since my last post, the irony strikes me of "a raise" followed immediately thereafter by a "shape up" notice. Hm. I am already realizing the benefits of why I needed to get my schedule and focus together - it feels way better to have full productive days than short distracted days.

I've also been tinkering w/Phoebe's blog, which is what led me to tinker w/rss feeds, which is what led to the extensive tinkering of both my smfuller and mypsgs blogs. Neat. Distracting. Not nearly as distracting though as facebook still is! My friends list is mostly MDIHS'ers, many of whom are still on the Island, or elsewhere in Maine. Their status notes make me miss home. Well, not all that rain, good lord.

I'm the unofficial code social coordinator - we end up having a pot luck lunch about once every two months - today we're having Taco's. I'm off to find some sort of teambuilding/icebreaker activity or game or something. :)

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