Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good News - a Raise!

The good news is that Perot lifted its hold on merit pay increases. The cost-saving measure was effective for Perot Systems Corporate, but most Perot Systems Government Services contracts INCLUDE escalation clauses - so freezing our pay was actually hurting company revenue.

My 4.6% increase didn't at first seem all that great, until I put it in perspective - it's kinda like compound interest - 4.6% of my fresh-out-of-college salary wasn't much - but THIS 4.6% is just over $350/month (before taxes anyway) - that should make a noticeable difference (even after taxes).

Rather than normal bills, I'm hoping to redirect this raise to an online investment account. I still have to find and setup said investment account, but I'm determined to get investing. I'm already looking forward to the fun of tracking and managing - better get my horse in front of the cart. :)

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