Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good News - a Raise!

The good news is that Perot lifted its hold on merit pay increases. The cost-saving measure was effective for Perot Systems Corporate, but most Perot Systems Government Services contracts INCLUDE escalation clauses - so freezing our pay was actually hurting company revenue.

My 4.6% increase didn't at first seem all that great, until I put it in perspective - it's kinda like compound interest - 4.6% of my fresh-out-of-college salary wasn't much - but THIS 4.6% is just over $350/month (before taxes anyway) - that should make a noticeable difference (even after taxes).

Rather than normal bills, I'm hoping to redirect this raise to an online investment account. I still have to find and setup said investment account, but I'm determined to get investing. I'm already looking forward to the fun of tracking and managing - better get my horse in front of the cart. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Unfinished Conversations

I get so distracted when M&J are in town, I feel like we start more conversations than we finish, then I get distracted by the kids, or the garage. So, just wanted to finish some thoughts that came up while y'all were here.

On Circumcision. My conversation with you, Mom, leads me to believe that you have not done much research on the subject - which is fine since you are not likely to be deciding about many circumcisions in the near future, and are not even likely to be giving much advice on circumcision, probably. While the argument "a boy should look like his father" is a handy way to be okay with having one intact and one circumcised grandson, it really holds no real merit. My children certainly glimpse me nude, but we do not compare genetalia. I'd rather explain to my son why he is intact when he's old enough to ask, than cut parts of his baby privates off. Think about your own private parts - in and around are ALL very sensitive and full of nerves - right? So are theirs. The arguments used to support male circumcision are the same as those previously used to support female circumcision.

I understand of course the desire/need to respect Dianne's decision to circumcise AJ. I made CJ's circumcision in the exact same faulty manner that I believe Dianne made AJ's circumcision decision - by asking only a select few, none of whom had any experience with both Intact and Circumcised boys and men. CJ is intact due to luck, not good decision making. My research into how circumcision became "routine" was disturbing. I just want people to be more informed.

Ok, now I can't remember what other conversations I thought were unfinished. Either there were none, or I just put my brain into NOCIRC mode and can't think of what else I had in mind. Either way, more later.