Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's All His Fault!

I'm having a "can't cope" day, and JR's my target - it's all his fault! The stoopid Jeep needs a/c so I can drive my own damn car - his fault for buying the Jeep in the first place. My damn car needs a starter - his fault for not having fixed it yet. Our house is a friggin half-assed hodge-podge collegiate mess - his fault for being home all day and not executing my vision of organization and interior design. Our stuff is all broken and doesn't last - his fault for being a compulsive and not careful furniture rearranger who prefers force to finess. My house is not a home to me - his fault for tayloring the entire household to suit himself and the kids. We're always broke - his fault for refusing to even consider work. also his fault for impulsive spending. also his fault for not being willing to quit w/me (our biggest most frivilous expense). I'll add more "his fault"s as they come to me. I'm surprised I'm out already. :

And JR - for Cryin' Out Loud - Quit Your Bitchin'!! I am SO sick and tired of hearing you bitch about how tired you are and what a "Groundhog Day" you're having - it's 100% & TOTALLY YOUR CHOICE!! God knows I have pled and argued for a different arrangement. You know you are not well suited to stay home. You're driving yourself crazy. You're driving me crazy.

None of which changes the fact that I love you - so much. You always make me laugh. You're the best Dad I could have ever wanted for my children.

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