Thursday, April 30, 2009

Birdy Family

There are a couple brave birdy families who have built nests on our front porch and in the honeysuckle at our garage back door. We watched the nests form (remarkably quickly), and soon enough there were eggs. The birdys flit away angrily every time we go in or out, but that's their problem, we were there first. JR loves having the birdy families around - and is currently furious with his kitty for killing one of the parents. We hear the other little birdy singing and calling for its partner, and it makes JR so sad that there's no answer. That's twice now I've seen JR uncharacteristically moved by birds - last year it was a momma duck and her trail of little quacklings, and now these little songbirds. He's softer and sweeter than he would like to admit.

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