Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Circle Game

I absolutely LOVE that Phoebe's most favorite and most-requested lullaby is Joni Mitchell's Circle Game. I've been singing it to her for so long, that it doesn't sound right to my ear anymore when I hear Joni Mitchell's version! I changed it to be about a little girl when I started singing it for Phoebe, and now I sometimes can't get it right for Christopher, he gets a mixed girl/boy version. :)

But boy... the circle game is kicking my ASS lately. My daily grind is reasonably palatable, but it's still the daily grind. I need to train myself to be my own life coach, to be a better prioritizer, to be my own motivator, always trying to set a better example. I think my parents were better parents than their parents were, I want to be even better, and I want Phoebe to strive for even better! That's a tall order on all accounts.

Okay, off to try for a productive day at work. I'm fighting off a cold or something, and it's easier and more restful to go to work than it is to stay home w/JR & Christopher! What a nut job I married.

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