Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Schmooperbowl!

JR has turned me against the NFL. I used to almost enjoy football, but because JR tells us to leave him alone while he watches, I now almost hate it. I feel similarly about NFL, F1, NHRA, & UFC. I "get" that television is fun, there's several shows I'd watch regularly if I had the free time. FAMILY > TV Dammit!

And to make matters worse, he finally agreed to speak to a counselor, which both his shrink and I have been encouraging since he started on the meds, 5yrs? ago. After just one session, whatever he said, she encouraged him to take MORE time for himself! Specifically 45mins-1hr, as if he doesn't get that! He gets that, easily. I wish there was a way for some objective observation that wouldn't be an invasion of our privacy.

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