Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wholly Unproductive

There are several factors impacting my ability to be productive at work. I'm not sure which is the most influential factor, so I'm gonna have to tackle them all simultaneously. The first and most obvious is facebook - holy cow what an addiction! I'm feeling very close to all my "friends" (many of whom I would not even have remembered if not for facebook, so how close could they really be, right?). If self-discipline doesn't prevail soon, I may request intervention - like maybe suggest the IT Dept block the site! But I'll try less drastic measures first, like maybe set aside ten minutes twice a day to facebook.

Another factor is my mgmt. I was brought on by the "prior administration" who was familiar with my strenghts, he knew how to utilize my talents, and did so without much regard to office politics. When I spoke w/the current CDR about my being more helpful to her, she kinda said professional development wasn't her bailywick and din't offer much guidance. The current civilian manager won't do much for fear of stepping on union toes. And my PSGS management is absolutely 100% clueless regarding my day-to-day work, if my customers don't complain and keep awarding task order extensions, then PSGS considers my performance "distinguished"!

Another, less approachable factor, is federal bureaucracy. I have long been frustrated that the Navy can safely oversee the construction of nuclear-powered vessels, but can't manage to track its own commitments. C'mon! Even if I was a govt civilian, I wouldn't be able to push the change that needs to happen in that organization, and I ESPECIALLY can't do it as a contractor!

Ok, more later, I'm off the walk the doggy, good night! XOXO :) SMF

President Obama

Well finally! I actually thought there'd be a woman in the White House before a black guy, but I couldn't be happier that it's the Obamas. I have yet to form much of a political opinion of him, this election has been, for me, more about race relations than anything else, and I'm tickled pink that we now have black President! I'm glad there's little girls running around the White House. I think Barack & Michelle are a fine marital example. Now we'll see how he does at the job... I'm hopeful.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

An Epiphany

I went to sleep hungry last night (ignoring my munchies), and struggled to get to sleep. As my mind wandered, I had an epiphany! I'm a damn Process Improvement professional - and I need to apply my work skills to my personal life! I know how to optimize things, my life should not run as haphazardly as it does. I'll start w/a bona fide "Executive Planning Session" (EPS), from which other efforts will follow, like probably a real 5yr/10yr Plan, with goals and objectives, and hopefully even household process improvements, like schedules and rules and such, that can help our day-to-day goings on. Define. Measure. Analyze. Improve. Control. I'm going to DMAIC my life. Wish me luck.

After my epiphany, I got up at 2am and had a bowl of Honey Smacks, played again, then went back to bed and slept soundly until two snoozes after the alarm first went off. Phoebe had gone to bed early as promised, Christopher had slept through the night, so my day got off to a reasonable start. I even managed to get Phoebe onto the bus, which came early, despite having gotten her off to a 25min late start. I am Mom, hear me roar.