Friday, December 12, 2008

Seven Years

I've been w/Perot for seven years now - Wow! I sent a quick thank you to the guy who hired me, I enjoyed his brief response: "One of my smarter moves." :) Ken is one of three boss-types who have made a big difference in both my personal and professional life. 1st there was a client, Greg Johnson, USCG Captain of the USCGC Healy acquisition program. He sponsored regular "collaborative dynamics" sessions that had us teamworking like nobody's business! It was the best environment I've ever worked in. Plus Greg is a sweetheart! Then 2nd there's Ken. Ken Carrick. Soon after Ken hired me, JR & I hit a big trouble spot. I would arrive at work in total shambles. Ken would close his office door. Open the blinds (so everyone could see us). And let me talk for as long as I needed. He never offered any advice, and no criticism, just an ear. His compassion saved my job, and probably my marriage. And now I have a 3rd, my "Contracting Officer's Representative" (COR) Tommy Walker. His daughter is my age and in somewhat similar circumstances, so he comes to me for help advising her. He tolerates my habitual tardiness, knowing that it's my kids who are taking my time - an opportunity he wishes he had taken w/his own. I'm very fortunate. My favorite part of any job has always been the people. Oh yeah, of course it helps to be getting piad damn near six figures, but really, it's the people! :)


  1. Hmmmm.
    Do I 'member habitual tardiness BC (before children)? Or is that a senior moment?
    Old Poop Dad

  2. Nah... can't blame it on the kids. I've had punctuality issues since the Army.

  3. Since the Army?
    Love Ya' early or late ;-) LOL