Saturday, December 13, 2008


I thought I had come up w/something ingenious! Based on my pie-in-the-sky desire for a life of utter convenience, I day-dreamed of a condo w/all the conveniences of a hotel and more. I was thinking typical upscale hotel amenities, plus: super family-friendly, kid-focused, lotsa fun stuff to do; some kinda restaurant/full-service kitchen; maybe a resident nurse; a vet tech/groomer/boarder & doggy daycare; and of course upscale automotive tinkering facilities.

Well, they have condo/hotels all over the world, my idea wasn't so ingenious afterall. But they're all luxury, and resorty, I'm not into that. I want basic, reasonable surroundings... I just want them custom-tailored and spoon fed. Oh well. I suppose if I really want it, I'll just have to find a way to develop, sell, and build it! Hey, why not? It could happen. It could.

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  1. like a retirement home for YOUNG folks? are you gonna play shuffle board, too ?