Friday, December 19, 2008

Top Front Tooth!

There's a little corner of a top front tooth poking through! It's fun watching him play with it, after all the 'agony' it seems to have caused (based on the fuss factor). I'll try to get a pic before I put him to bed.

He and Phoebe are both sick, I stayed home. Phoebe went to bed voluntarily w/no bedtime chocolate milk at like 1945 (normal bedtime is 2030/2100). My poor babies. Snot city. I have my eye on one of those battery powered nasal aspirators.

JR & I had a nice, close, communicative day. That's always nice.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I thought I had come up w/something ingenious! Based on my pie-in-the-sky desire for a life of utter convenience, I day-dreamed of a condo w/all the conveniences of a hotel and more. I was thinking typical upscale hotel amenities, plus: super family-friendly, kid-focused, lotsa fun stuff to do; some kinda restaurant/full-service kitchen; maybe a resident nurse; a vet tech/groomer/boarder & doggy daycare; and of course upscale automotive tinkering facilities.

Well, they have condo/hotels all over the world, my idea wasn't so ingenious afterall. But they're all luxury, and resorty, I'm not into that. I want basic, reasonable surroundings... I just want them custom-tailored and spoon fed. Oh well. I suppose if I really want it, I'll just have to find a way to develop, sell, and build it! Hey, why not? It could happen. It could.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Seven Years

I've been w/Perot for seven years now - Wow! I sent a quick thank you to the guy who hired me, I enjoyed his brief response: "One of my smarter moves." :) Ken is one of three boss-types who have made a big difference in both my personal and professional life. 1st there was a client, Greg Johnson, USCG Captain of the USCGC Healy acquisition program. He sponsored regular "collaborative dynamics" sessions that had us teamworking like nobody's business! It was the best environment I've ever worked in. Plus Greg is a sweetheart! Then 2nd there's Ken. Ken Carrick. Soon after Ken hired me, JR & I hit a big trouble spot. I would arrive at work in total shambles. Ken would close his office door. Open the blinds (so everyone could see us). And let me talk for as long as I needed. He never offered any advice, and no criticism, just an ear. His compassion saved my job, and probably my marriage. And now I have a 3rd, my "Contracting Officer's Representative" (COR) Tommy Walker. His daughter is my age and in somewhat similar circumstances, so he comes to me for help advising her. He tolerates my habitual tardiness, knowing that it's my kids who are taking my time - an opportunity he wishes he had taken w/his own. I'm very fortunate. My favorite part of any job has always been the people. Oh yeah, of course it helps to be getting piad damn near six figures, but really, it's the people! :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Can't Sleep, Might as Well Blog

If only I could block out JR's snoring without blocking out the kids. They might NEED me.

My current facebook status: "Stephanie hates the correlary relationship between holiday budget and holiday spirit!" Even better: the exponentially correlary relationship between BMI & Stress! OMG. JR borrowed my bathroom scale for maybe three weeks - and I put on ten pounds! Ugh. And who wants to start fixing that particular problem at this particular time of year. Sigh.

I had an utterly Rotten day. Short version: we're so broke, JR's skimping on his meds out of resentment for either needing to be on them, or resentment for not being able to afford to go see the specialist to get his Rx's renewed. Either way, he's being a Prick. I think his doc will see him if I explain that it's our budget keeping him from going, and that our specific medical spending account gets [effectively] repleneshed in January. But anyway, we bickered over basically nothing last night, it spilled into today. I was the one to start today's sarcasm. We cold-shouldered all day, then finally mildly outbursted before dinner, sending JR "out" suggesting leftovers for dinner. I didn't look hard enough so I let Phoebe eat bologna and strawberries for dinner. (JR came right back, he never goes anywhere, he'd just gone to get formula.) Later JR hears Phoebe whining that she's hungry (of course) and within 30secs he's served her up a plate of hot pork chops w/rice, making me feel like an idiot.

Then, a miraculous attitude adjustment from across the street. I come in from the garage having just just just played, and I DROP Phoebe on her ass. and her head. on the Kitchen floor! of all places! That THUD absolutely breaks my heart. She's fine. But in our rush to comfort her, Phoebe & I notice that JR's got a bloody gash/egg on his noggin. (Serves him right for stomping/slamming around so much.) But by soothing (and pretending to sooth) JR with Phoebe, and having had our attitudes recently adjusted, we all calm down.

Then the final heartbreaker, Phoebe tells me she's glad we're done fighting because it makes her heart wrinkle. I made my baby's heart wrinkle - I'm horrible. I have "told" JR how important it is for me that Phoebe not be subjected to our bickering, but he doesn't get it. What bothers me most is that he doesn't fight FAIR. at all. (I have a new friend whose blog mentions her experience in "the craft of argument" . . . "Craft"? That's gotta be interesting.)

Oh, I did put up my Christmas tree today. Well, by "up" I mean the [fake] tree is assembled. No lights. No decoration. Just "up." But I did have Phoebe's help, which made it fun despite my bahumbugedness. We "fluffed" and she sillied around. Single-mindedly entertaining the kids is a fun distraction for me when JR & I are huffing.

Okay... I feel better. I'm glad I made my blog invite-only. It's nice to be able to journal here. I do love facebook, but not for this.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Best Love Letter Ever!

One1 thoer wuz a litl [pic of girl] name'd Phoebe She like't WALL-e (dvd). She oso love hur Mommy and she love hur daddy Love Phoebe [heart] i love u mommy and hur daddy. xoxoxo

I'm told the two hearts at the top are ours, hers with a hole in it for me (like the card she received recently with the hole in the heart for how much Grandma misses Phoebe).

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Heels & Hose

I pretty much gave up on high heels when I was pregnant w/Phoebe... then I gave up the pantyhose when I carried Christopher. Life here in HR is leading me more toward warm jeans and comfortable work shoes... I had almost forgotten that with just a skirt, some hose, and some nail polish, I can feel all girly and pretty! :)