Friday, November 21, 2008

It Flurried This Morning :)

We got our first little snowflakes this morning, unfortunately they stopped before we went out to wait for the school bus. It occurred to me as I bundled Phoebe up, that I ought to also bundle myself up. I typically wear a heavy coat, but don't bother w/hats and gloves and such. But it's so WINDY and COLD at work near the waterfront, I am determined to properly outfit myself for this winter. Even if it's just walks to/from the car, there's no need to freeze my buns off! I love, love, love my beautiful black wool swing coat (especially since I had a friend re-line it in BRIGHT pink!), but it's too wide-open to be warm - gotta get me a parka of sorts, and a hat that won't squish my hairdo, and some grippy gloves.

1 comment:

  1. You tell me if you find a hat that won't squish your hairdo. Cowboy Stetsons sure do.