Friday, November 14, 2008

Blog = Journal

My blog never got much traffic anyway, so I've gone ahead and limited the readership to just my parents and sister, that way I can say what I really want and need to say - including venting about JR - without disrespecting him on the world wide web. I didn't intend to require M&J&NB to have Google accounts to read, we'll see if they mind.

So, LMC is really sleeping through most of the night it seems. JR came stumbling into his room where I was sleeping at 0540 w/the baby and the boppy. LMC probably had to fuss longer to get JR's attention than he does mine, so he was wider awake than usual for his early a.m. boobs and it was hard to put him back to sleep, but he did doze back off around 0620. Then of course Phoebe woke up all chipper and chatty at 0640.

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