Monday, June 30, 2008

June 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ship's Whistle

They've been testing an aircraft carrier whistle all day - I just love that deep low bellow that says "I'm a big bad Navy vessel - you better get your ass outta my way!"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Connect w/Your Inner Cowboy

I listen to today's country music, I admit it. It started as just a lyrics thing, but now I enjoy more than just the words, it's just a very down-to-earth, humble genre. As I pulled into my parking spot at work this a.m., the DJ reminded me between songs to "Connect w/Your Inner Cowboy" and I felt busted! - caught enjoying country diddies before work.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Snickers Kick

Our admin assistant recently added a bowl of candy to his desk, and now I'm on a bigtime Snicker Bar kick!

I love the new words Snickers is introducing: NOUGATOCITY: A heightened yet fleeting state of accomplishment that makes you realize how unbelievably unmotivated you normally are. :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Civilian Conservation Corps

I received my grandfather's CCC record from the National Archives recently - this genealogy stuff is so cool!

Luther J. Fuller DOB 6/05/1918
Serial# CC5-195187, Enrolled 10/28/1935 @ Camp SP-3, Clifftop, WV
Allottee: Violet Hitchcock (Grandmother) Crum, WV $25.00

a. 10/28/1935 to 1/12/1936 Pick & Shovel @ Camp SP-3, Company 1522, Clifftop, WV
b. 1/13/1936 to 1/15/1936 Enroute to Oregon
c. 1/16/1936 to 3/31/1936 Gravelling Banks @ Camp BR-42, Company 565, Ontario, Oregon
d. 4/01/1936 to 4/04/1936 Tonsilitis Patient "Not Own Misconduct" @ Camp Infirmary
e. 4/05/1936 to 4/10/1936 Graveling Banks @ Camp BR-42, Company 565, Ontario, Oregon
f. 4/11/1936 to 5/07/1936 KP @ Company 2504 F-107 Riggins, Idaho
g. 5/08/1936 to 5/08/1936 Enroute to Burns, Oregon
h. 5/09/1936 to 6/12/1936 KP @ Camp DG-5, Company 2504, Burns, Oregon
i. 6/13/1936 to 10/14/1936 Pick & Shovel @ Camp DG-5, Company 2504, Burns, Oregon
j. 10/15/1936 to 11/06/1936 Pick & Shovel @ Company 2504, Camp DG-24, Burns, Oregon.

Administratively discharged after an 11/06/1936 hearing for "failure to work" and supposedly organizing a strike - he was the spokesman for a group of "boys" who felt they hadn't had sufficient chow the day before. His CO's assessment was "hot tempered; indecisive; average worker; irresponsible" but his overall service was characterized as "honest and faithful" entitling him to a satisfactory rating.