Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Daughter: Already a Great American Consumer

I convinced Phoebe to let me get rid of all her non-Crayola crayons. Some of the non-Crayola's were easy to spot - the ones from Olive Garden, etc. But some were clearly designed to mimick the familiar Crayola brand, so I showed her the fine distinction between the words "Crayola" and "Crayons" on the wrapper. When I spelled out Crayola, she immediately said "the art of childhood." She's picked up other advertising bits too, there's one toy on her wish list that she recognizes as being "by Little Tikes." And another she knows is available "only at Toys-R-Us." This is on top of the "I want that! I want that!" that accompanies so many of the toy commercials this holiday season. Mama Mia...

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