Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Definitely a Boy!

So, our 20wk sonogram on 8/29 confirmed that we are indeed having a baby boy! So... one of each... this oughta be fun! I would have loaded the "money shot" showing how we know it's a boy, but our sonogram tech typo'd "WHAT A MAM" instead of "WHAT A MAN" so it rather defeats the purpose. Plus these profile shots are so much more recognizable as a baby rather than as alien life. :)While I am grateful to be carrying an active healthy baby, his kicking is KILLIN' me! It feels nothing like Phoebe's little flutter-kicks felt. He kicks most when I eat, and when JR, Phoebe & I are playing together. It seems the kicks to the top half of my insides feel cute, like a baby moving around in there... but the kicks to the bottom half of my insides feel like he's tugging as hard as he can on the cord, resulting in a somewhat disturbing tearing feeling. Could he dislodge something important? I'm sure my Ob will say it's normal and not to worry, but it's uncomfortable enough for me to mention at my next appt.

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