Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nitto - Fueled by Enthusiasts

Our Mustang is among those being featured in a year-long ad campaign to grace the back cover of various Mustang magazines.

1st Row, 1st Pic.

2nd Row, 3rd Pic.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Let Summer Begin!

Poor Neglected Blog

No guilt, it's just been a busy month. But it turns out SOMEONE reads it, an update has been requested, and it is certainly due. Plus I actually like some of my Google ads, and so since they do afterall draw revenue, I thought I'd put them someplace a little more likely to get clicked. :)

Okay, most importantly: Sydney's TPLO is scheduled, finally! I've committed to this being my last hard lesson in financial preparedness. I owe my family better. So, her surgery will be June 12th, and I'm on their list to call if an earlier appt comes available next week.

My '90 Accord finally started giving me the kind of problems I'm not willing to live with, so I got myself a 'Realtor Car' I've been calling it, it's an '05 Escape, I'm very happy with it. "My Cute Little Red Truck."

Phoebe has been in ballet for a couple months now, and is currently preparing for a June recital. I can hardly stand all the little tutu'd cuteness!

But even cuter - her preschool has been practicing for their 'Closing Ceremony' next week. I think they're going to 'march' in with their classmates, and sing some songs together, and it is going to be the most adorable thing ever!!

I've been working weekly with my new broker, hopefully you received some of my new cards! We're working just as hard at finding clients as getting ready for them. The deeper into this I get, the more convinced I am it's a great fit. My "Best Friend in the Whole Wide World!" (yes, from 3rd Grade) is being my mentor/coach/inspiration with her little hi-filutin' Cleveland mini-mansion, and her incredible entreuperneurial business spirit! I LOVE IT!

And there's more... but I'll have to save that for another day.

Have a wonderful long holiday weekend everybody! I'm off to spend it in DC w/my sister, and hopefully get some nice quiet reading/studying done while Phoebe hangs out w/her Aunt Banana!