Monday, April 2, 2007

LSA ANACONDA aka "Mortaritaville"

My life has changed so little since 9/11, it can be easy to forget that we are a country at war. But I heard from a friend today who is serving in Balad, Iraq at a camp nicknamed for its frequent mortar and rocket attacks. Tim says "I know that the Hajji's are getting the hell beat out of them - every day and in every way. From some of the things I've seen it is absolutely amazing difference between what is known by our forces and what is being reported by the media. The surge around Baghdad is working and the bad guys leaving there are getting "the business" if they stay or as they try to leave. So they are screwed either way - killed or captured the issue is being resolved by our side. Anyway - don't lose hope that this place will turn around - I believe it'll get better - but we can't leave it to the insurgents because some in Congress have lost their will to support what we are doing."

I'll take a front-line assessment any day over media reports or political spin! I've been unable and unwilling to make an overall assessment of our "War on Terror" but have long clung to the belief that our men and boys are doing right by women and children everywhere. And with my friend Tim among our men and boys, I'm more convinced than ever that our TROOPS - if not our leaders - are doing the honorable thing over there.

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  1. who's Tim?

    You know Jay (Dre' friend) is there at Anaconda, too, right?