Thursday, February 22, 2007

How DVR Changed My Life Forever

Okay, dramatic title, but it's true. We "talked about it", and I was unconvinced it would be any better than our trusty programmable VCR. I was irritated when I came home a few days later to find the box installed and the service on, but it was only $10/mo, so I wasn't prepared to make a big fuss. And within DAYS I knew it was one of those techno-creature-comforts I would never be without again! I was 100% sold w/the on-demand list of saved Disney & Noggin episodes. And if it hadn't been that, I'd have just as surely been sold on just being able to watch TV at my convenience, easily and quickly fast-forwarding through the commercials - 35-40 minutes to watch my favorite hour-long shows - gotta love that. It's the most feature-packed and best valued $10 I spend w/Cox, for sure!

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