Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm an Official Motorhead Wife

We have long marveled that his stock block has survived a nitrous kit, an alcohol system, a supercharger, and a turbo charger, plus a whole host of other performance mods. It was only a matter of time before the horsepower blew the block or internals... and it finally did - the #5 piston and cylinder wall are DONE.

So... all the peripherals get installed on the spare 302 sitting in the corner, he rents an engine hoist (for 4hrs), thinking we'll just pull out the old and drop in the new - piece of cake. Well, the old motor does indeed slip right out - remember it's now stripped. But the new motor, complete w/heads, valve covers, etc, does not slip right in, not even close.

He tinkered w/it for 1½ days before I chimmed in w/my observations about the need for the angles to match (the angles of the dangling motor, and the transmission shaft). Notice I said "observations" because I rarely "help" in the garage. So, he made some adjustments (to the angles), and then I lowerd the engine as he guided it easily into the mounts, in perfect alignment with the transmission housing. We really do make a good team - even if he's not always quick to see it that way.

And then, the nice lady at ABZ Equipment Rental didn't even charge him for the overage for having had the hoist for two days. People here are so nice. :)

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