Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

An all-out get stuffed Thanksgiving Thursday w/my sis, and another 20-person get overstuffed Thanksgiving Friday with lots of family... it was great! I'll add pics later, but just wanted to say what a nice Thanksgiving it's been. :)

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  1. We usually have a half-baked family Thankgiving - some cook, others grab something off the grocery store shelf, some don't even come - all no big deal. Well, my cousin and I tried to make it a little nicer this year - she cooked her heart out (nothing storebought), and she set a nice table so we could all sit and eat together. I expected the family buttheads to object (and they did), but I never imagined my own sister would accuse me of "imposing my will on everyone else" because I didn't notify her in advance that it would be a formal sitdown. OMFG!