Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Get Motivated!" Business Seminar

I spent the day at the Hampton Coliseum, looking for a little inspiration. My to-do list is filled w/good intentions, and we all know where that could lead. But lately I'm drawn to change, so why not!? The lineup included Zig Ziglar, America's #1 Motivator; Rick Belluzzo, Legendary Microsoft Corporation President; Phil Town, Author of #1 NY Times Best Seller "Rule #1"; Dr. Robert Schuller, America's Best Inspirational Speaker; Suze Orman, America's #1 Personal Finance Expert; Tom Hopkins, America's #1 Authority on Selling; Krish Dhanam, Sales Training Expert; Peter Lowe, America's Success Strategist(TM); Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech Heach Coach via satellite; and Rudolph Giulliani, Former Mayor of New York City!

Now, you can't beat that for a day's worth of coaching! However... the Hopkins, Town, and Orman bits were all more sales pitches than I realized they would be. Live and learn.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

"I Found Hope"

Phoebe and I often gaze into one another's eyes, musing about what color they are or aren't, if we can remember [wink], and whom we got them from. When I told her this morning that I think my eyes are blue, she said "lemme look!"

She concentrated intently for a moment on my right eye, and then said "I found hope."

"You found hope?"

"Yep, I found hope.
Lemme see your other eye...
I don't see anything."