Saturday, July 1, 2006

My Rottie's a Sweetheart!

Dogs are what you raise them to be, period. Any breed may have breed traits that must be recognized and managed, be they health or behaviorial. But I knew that our two cats, loving daughter, and my control-freak husband would be the perfect home for Sydney. She is companion and guardian extraordinaire. We are training and socializing her extensively, and I hope to get her into therapy work at the end of her next round of doggy school.

I grew up with the best dog in the world, ever, so I had very high expectations for a family dog. My childhood dog "Jack" was a 110lb black lab - smart, eager-to-please, and full of personality. I never imagined another dog could live up to those expectations, but Sydney sure is trying! My only complaints relate to my own inconsistencies, and occassionally her adolescent insubordination.


  1. I love love love love rotts. Can't beat them. (Except maybe a malamute. :D )

    Good for you for training and socializing your girl. Too many people fail to realize the importance of it. It really does my heart good to see someone making an ambassador.

  2. by "can't beat them" I mean there's no better dog.

    Heh. Seemed a little unclear in the reading of it.