Saturday, July 15, 2006

My Poor Puppy

Silly Rottie eats whatever's within reach. And we try, we really do, to keep stuff out of her reach. But she's big, and we have a toddler, they share the same plane @ 0-3ft. She usually ends up munching some toy, but recently she ate a bunch of potpourri, which I suspect my daughter dumped out to play with the container. Now the poor puppy's got an all-over rash from chest to hind-quarters, and she's loosing a lot of hair. We're trying Benadryl on the vets suggestion, but I'm afraid she's going to need to go in Monday, she's not looking as much better as I expected.

We actually have pet insurance, but their reimbursement rate sucks, and we just went $800 out-of-pocket last month, $400 for her overnight spay, and another $400 for the darn kitty's "dietary indescretion." They're worth every penny, I'm just irritated w/myself for not having that much readily available.

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