Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Lovely Sweet Daughter

Our Little Phoebe
Born During Hurricane Isabel in 2003
Her Favorite Word & Phrases
"No" (even while obeying)
"I don't want..." (that Caillou needs his butt whooped)
"I'm Sorry, I Promise," (really means "Please... Please!") followed by
"I'm Sorry, I Promise, You wanna give me a kiss?"
(really means a tantrum's next)
My Favorite of Her Phrases
"I love you too much!"
"Thank you very much." & "You're welcome very much."
"I've got an idea!" & "That's a very good idea!"
"Are you okay Phoebe? Yeah, I'm okay. Are you okay Mommi?"


  1. There is nothing so inspiring as searching the net and running into the smiling face of a 3 yr old. Your daughter is so beautiful. I am inspired by her innocence and sweetness. Your "little contribution" is a big deal, because your daughter is lighting our way into the future! Bless you for birthing her and being a MOM!

  2. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I can tell that by the way you seem to be raising her that not only will she be physically beautiful, but she'll also be a wonderful person. Congrats!

  3. Compliments from strangers... makes a Mom proud! :)