Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Blog Kick-Off Post

Okay... first post... blog officially established! Now there's no excuse for personal clutter on my new forum site. Hopefully one little blog link in my sig will satisfy my maternal instinct to make people look at pictures of my lovely daughter. I used to roll my eyes in embarrassment when my own mother did the same thing, but now I understand. Maybe it's genetic? No? Oh well, at least I know I'll have an audience of at least ONE for my blog! Thanks Mom. :)

So, my new site... MDIHS.org! I'm a sentimental fool, my 20yr HS reunion will be in 2008, and I wanted a place for us to plan it together. But I got such a cool domain name, I didn't want to hog it for just my class, nor just for alumni, so I'm trying to push it as a one-stop hangout for all things MDIHS past and present. It's only been like three days and I'm already wishing I had more users. We shall see.


  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I saw your mdihs.org site and I sent you an email, but it bounced.

    I just wanted to say hi, thanks for organizing the .org site!

    Hope all is well with you, send me a note: couch@myway.com.

    -Jane Couch (Tinkham), class of '88

  2. Yay, somebody found my blog and my site :)

  3. hi stephanie

    thanks for getting this started

    sincerly fred e rumill jr class of 91