Friday, June 30, 2006

Lunch w/my Realtor

I had lunch today w/the Realtor who helped us buy our house in September - I think I found myself a mentor! I recall growing fond of her during our purchase process, and now I remember why - we were at the Olive Garden for 3½hrs today! I feel like I spent the afternoon with my best friend. Plus we seem to have so much in common - socially, familialy, and ethically - I see huge potential for a lasting personal and professional friendship. This is gonna be fun!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Have the Best Sister in the World!

My sister is so awesome! 15 months younger, you'd think she was older - as much as she teaches me about life, selflessness, and generosity. I love that girl! And my little Phoebe is crazy about her her Aunt Banana!

It's been slow at work, with TEXAS delivered, we're just prepping for her first availability. The boss has been out all week, and I've been distracted by a personal fubar, publishing, and starting this blog. Tomorrow will be productive though, I've gotta have something good to show for a week's work.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Lovely Sweet Daughter

Our Little Phoebe
Born During Hurricane Isabel in 2003
Her Favorite Word & Phrases
"No" (even while obeying)
"I don't want..." (that Caillou needs his butt whooped)
"I'm Sorry, I Promise," (really means "Please... Please!") followed by
"I'm Sorry, I Promise, You wanna give me a kiss?"
(really means a tantrum's next)
My Favorite of Her Phrases
"I love you too much!"
"Thank you very much." & "You're welcome very much."
"I've got an idea!" & "That's a very good idea!"
"Are you okay Phoebe? Yeah, I'm okay. Are you okay Mommi?"

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Blog Kick-Off Post

Okay... first post... blog officially established! Now there's no excuse for personal clutter on my new forum site. Hopefully one little blog link in my sig will satisfy my maternal instinct to make people look at pictures of my lovely daughter. I used to roll my eyes in embarrassment when my own mother did the same thing, but now I understand. Maybe it's genetic? No? Oh well, at least I know I'll have an audience of at least ONE for my blog! Thanks Mom. :)

So, my new site...! I'm a sentimental fool, my 20yr HS reunion will be in 2008, and I wanted a place for us to plan it together. But I got such a cool domain name, I didn't want to hog it for just my class, nor just for alumni, so I'm trying to push it as a one-stop hangout for all things MDIHS past and present. It's only been like three days and I'm already wishing I had more users. We shall see.